Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues for a Life of Excellence


“Benjamin Franklin 1767” by David Martin – The White House Historical Association. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –

In the article, How to Apply Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues for a Life of Excellence I expound upon the relevance of Franklin’s practical habits. He encourages the sensible virtues of hard work, sobriety, silence, organization, vision, frugality, sincerity, lawfulness, moderation, tidiness, sexual purity and contentedness.  Might not society greatly benefit in striving for these noble principles? To aim for greatness or a higher standard does not presume we will achieve perfection. It is the pursuit of excellence which makes the journey a worthy adventure.

You Don’t Need Drugs to Be Exceptionally Creative

Robin Williams, my favorite childhood actor, who passed away August 11th, 2014, had his most successful years while he was clean and sober.  Unfortunately he slipped back into the bad habit of drug use, which made him more likely to give into the impulses of depression.  “Oh but these drugs (pot, crack, cocaine, meth, etc.)  make me creative, it’s for the art“, some say. We were created in the image of God and have unlimited potential. Drugs inhibit the ability for you to have control of your actions, making you dependent on others with life’s most mundane tasks. Your art is less likely to reach completion when your mind is scattered or in a stupor.  Take charge of your life and create a professional reputation.

Choose to Live in Wonderment

child on bridge by Rain San Martin

Post and photo by Rain San Martin

The Bible teaches that to enter the kingdom of Heaven we must be as children.  What is this gift the child posses? A state of wonder, awe and faith in the unseen.

If we continually study Gods creation, learn about the projects of others, and use our imagination we can awaken the child within.  You don’t need to go on an ocean voyage and visit exotic lands to know the feeling of discovery. It is in our day that lays before us. Continual curiosity propels us forward, putting wind in our sails.  It is the freedom to wear a costume though it is not Halloween. The excitement which comes from researching a new topic, the fun of decorating your home radically different, and faith that our dreams can come true.

We hold the key to experiencing adventure in daily life. Though we may need to consciously plan the art of adventure. Start with being a tourist in your own town during a staycation. Next we can list our dreams and lifetime goals on paper. Wonderment is a mindset which can be learned. Accept that all things are possible, yet I recommend praying that the Lords will be done, as God see’s the whole picture. If we are diligent and give our requests to him we can rest in the peace of God while experiencing the joy of life’s journey.