Lifestyle Experiment for July 2014- Classical Music Immersion

Classical music composers – Wikipedia Commons

Lifestyle experiments are my favorite way of radically changing up my perspective. They bring discovery,  wonderment, knowledge, and open the doors of creativity in my life. For the month of July I am primarily listening to classically composed music. From the mid 1750’s classical era to the end of the 1910’s romantic period.   This includes reading wholesome bio’s and viewing documentaries on the subject.    My favorite bio’s to choose from are written in the late 1800’s and are freely available from Google books as they are public domain. Books written in this time period avoid much of the distasteful tabloid style biographical writing, focusing on ones achievements and work habits.

My goal is to improve my composing skills. During the 1990’s I heavily studied these classical foundations by listening and learning about great composers, yet I became overly saturated from this continual exposure. Now I am ready to return to this study, the romantic era being my absolute favorite.  Holst’s The Planets and Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty remain my favorites, both are works I have never ceased listening to.

You don’t always need to do something radical for a lifestyle experiment, often it’s the small changes that can create a big difference in your world.

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