Solo Artist Date – Sweetwater Gear Fest 2014 – Producers Panel

2014-06-07b Bruce Swedien and Rain

Last weekend on June 7th, 2014 I attended the Producers Panel at Sweetwater’s annual Gear Fest.  Mammoth sound engineers and producers shared their wisdom for creating timeless classic hits. I was fortunate to be able to meet Bruce Swedien, the sound engineer for Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Common threads of wisdom shared included:

  • The song itself is the most important element.
  • Don’t over compress the music!
  • Spend your money on sound absorbers, treating a room for recording and mixing, rather than on endless gear.
  • Attending a music college does not mean you will truly learn the art of mixing.
  • Take advantage of internships, be willing to start at the bottom to learn if you would like to work in a major music studio (that is, at the few studios which are still in operation unfortunately).
  • Make a habit out of listening to music, breaking apart it’s elements.
  • Visit the orchestra to learn how recorded music should sound.

2014-06-07 Gear Fest-Producers Panel-cropped

2014-06-07 Gearfest Roland Booth

You can watch the complete Producers Panel here:


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