Modest Artistic Attire Puts the Spotlight on a Womans Talent

Lorde’s Tennis Court performance on the Billboard music awards 2014, showcased the pure talent of the young performer.  While the lion’s share of female artists today express as much sexuality as possible, Lorde went against the grain, dancing to the beat of a different drum. What was the result? The cool and clever music was heard, sleek dance moves where applauded and her sophisticated beauty shinned through.

To the female race,  your talent can be seen exponentially more clearly, when the focus is strategically placed on your performance or art. A prime example is Janet Jackson during the Control and Rhythm Nation eras in the 1980’s through early 1990’s.  However she steered off course from the mid 1990’s and beyond with an alluring and seductive countenance, gradually over time people began to forget how she was known for her remarkably powerful dance moves.  It’s easy to show some skin to seek attention, in hopes of proving to the world that you are “desirable”, yet it takes a controlled self restraint to save your power, for your talent. What legacy will you leave behind?

Modest Artistic Attire Put’s the Spotlight on Lorde’s Talent

Janet Jackson during her prime excellence – “The Knowledge” Rhythm Nation era.