What is the Unconventional Lifestyle?

Man dressed in Steampunk clothing, photo by Mr. Mark, Flickr.

Text by Rain San Martin

The Unconventional Lifestyle is about deliberately choosing your own adventure. Questioning the norms of society, those things which appear to be “a given” for success and contentment to occur.

It could be the decision to participate in self guided study and to work in an internship learning from real world experience, rather than getting into financial debt with traditional college. Perhaps you choose to dress differently from the rest of society, choosing Steam Punk or Renaissance era clothing for your staple wardrobe.  Though it may be popular to buy the latest gadgets and toys, cluttering our homes to keep up with the Joneses, you may delight in the freedom that comes with a Minimalist Lifestyle. While those around you engage in endless chatter, are continually distracted by text messaging, and constant activities, you may prefer a more quite, wise, and introspective manner, reserving your energy for creative works. Live with purposeful passion.

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