Reflection In the Quiet Moments

Coffee Sunrise

Text and Photo by Rain San Martin

The art and discipline of reflecting should not be reserved for special occasions like Mothers Day or Fathers Day.  Ideally you’ll  have a few minutes in the morning and evening, and even more time on your day of rest.

When you stop to reflect you gain clarity about your life purpose. The thoughts of your mind are able to still themselves. For best results, aim to be in a positive state of mind. Open a window and take a peek at nature joyfully building nests, while you sip your coffee, have a journal or laptop nearby to write out thoughts after they come to you, resist the urge to serf the internet at this time, writing only.

This act in itself is counter to what we observe in mainstream society, who are rushed from one activity to another, constantly looking down at smart phones, being “busy” yet not making progress towards their life’s dreams. Allowing for silence between the notes, or space between our activates, we can hear our own thoughts and contemplate on those things which truly make us happy.

An alternative to traditional meditation which involves focusing on your breath,  is to fully bask in the present moment as a silent observer. Enjoying Gods gift of creation. This peaceful practice will give you serene rest.

“Be still, and know that I am God”  (Psalm 46:10)

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