Modest Artistic Attire Puts the Spotlight on a Womans Talent

Lorde’s Tennis Court performance on the Billboard music awards 2014, showcased the pure talent of the young performer.  While the lion’s share of female artists today express as much sexuality as possible, Lorde went against the grain, dancing to the beat of a different drum. What was the result? The cool and clever music was heard, sleek dance moves where applauded and her sophisticated beauty shinned through.

To the female race,  your talent can be seen exponentially more clearly, when the focus is strategically placed on your performance or art. A prime example is Janet Jackson during the Control and Rhythm Nation eras in the 1980’s through early 1990’s.  However she steered off course from the mid 1990’s and beyond with an alluring and seductive countenance, gradually over time people began to forget how she was known for her remarkably powerful dance moves.  It’s easy to show some skin to seek attention, in hopes of proving to the world that you are “desirable”, yet it takes a controlled self restraint to save your power, for your talent. What legacy will you leave behind?

Modest Artistic Attire Put’s the Spotlight on Lorde’s Talent

Janet Jackson during her prime excellence – “The Knowledge” Rhythm Nation era.

Bravely Be Who You Are

Jeanne D'Arc Flickr-Creative Commons by Barbro Anderson

Jeanne D’Arc Flickr-Creative Commons by Barbro Anderson

It’s easy to follow the masses. To go with the flow. Fit in. But what if you questioned conventionality? And bravely walked in the direction of your dreams.

You must be brave to:

  • Break away from current trends to express your own style.
  • Pick up the guitar when the instrument has already been mastered by someone in your household.
  • Decorate your home in Renaissance Era and fantasy themes at the risk of appearing weird to your neighbors.
  • Go on solo adventures
  • Discipline your time so that you can invest it in your craft rather than excessive social outings.
  • Adapt a minimalist lifestyle when you feel the pressure from family and friends to acquire endless possessions.
  • Work as a homemaker, even if you don’t have kids, and society tells you this is not a viable career.
  • To embrace solitude when there is continual pressure to stay plugged into our smart phones, touch pads and lap tops,  so that you may experience God.

The more you step out of your comfort zone, the easier it will be to wield your own lifestyle. Bravely be who you are and in doing so you just might find that you will “boldly go where no man has gone before”.

Be a Solo Adventurer

Text and Photo by Rain San Martin

It may be commonly assumed that one bring a person along with them when going to the movies, getting a nice cup of coffee, or exploring a nearby town.  But if you always bring someone with you, the opportunity for quiet contemplative awareness will be missed. When we go on adventures alone we have the opportunity to commune directly with God, receiving inspirational insights to life and our purpose. Julie Cameron has spoken of the importance of having a weekly artist date, where we explore our world solo, and in doing so we refill the well of inspiration for our writing, film making, composing, painting or other art.

Go and bring a small notebook to log your discovery.

What is the Unconventional Lifestyle?

Man dressed in Steampunk clothing, photo by Mr. Mark, Flickr.

Text by Rain San Martin

The Unconventional Lifestyle is about deliberately choosing your own adventure. Questioning the norms of society, those things which appear to be “a given” for success and contentment to occur.

It could be the decision to participate in self guided study and to work in an internship learning from real world experience, rather than getting into financial debt with traditional college. Perhaps you choose to dress differently from the rest of society, choosing Steam Punk or Renaissance era clothing for your staple wardrobe.  Though it may be popular to buy the latest gadgets and toys, cluttering our homes to keep up with the Joneses, you may delight in the freedom that comes with a Minimalist Lifestyle. While those around you engage in endless chatter, are continually distracted by text messaging, and constant activities, you may prefer a more quite, wise, and introspective manner, reserving your energy for creative works. Live with purposeful passion.

Reflection In the Quiet Moments

Coffee Sunrise

Text and Photo by Rain San Martin

The art and discipline of reflecting should not be reserved for special occasions like Mothers Day or Fathers Day.  Ideally you’ll  have a few minutes in the morning and evening, and even more time on your day of rest.

When you stop to reflect you gain clarity about your life purpose. The thoughts of your mind are able to still themselves. For best results, aim to be in a positive state of mind. Open a window and take a peek at nature joyfully building nests, while you sip your coffee, have a journal or laptop nearby to write out thoughts after they come to you, resist the urge to serf the internet at this time, writing only.

This act in itself is counter to what we observe in mainstream society, who are rushed from one activity to another, constantly looking down at smart phones, being “busy” yet not making progress towards their life’s dreams. Allowing for silence between the notes, or space between our activates, we can hear our own thoughts and contemplate on those things which truly make us happy.

An alternative to traditional meditation which involves focusing on your breath,  is to fully bask in the present moment as a silent observer. Enjoying Gods gift of creation. This peaceful practice will give you serene rest.

“Be still, and know that I am God”  (Psalm 46:10)